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Furnace Upgrades, Water Recirculating Cooling System Installation With Small Business Advantage Grant

As part of its continuing maintenance improvement program, Metlab recently completed a rebuild and upgrade of its two large heat-treating furnaces. These furnaces designated P-1 and P-2 are believed to be the largest atmosphere-controlled pit furnaces in North America. With … Continue reading

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Nitriding and Carburizing

Nitriding and carburizing are the two most common heat treatment practices for surface hardening functional components. The main difference is that in nitriding, nitrogen atoms are made to diffuse into the surface of the parts being processed, whereas in carburizing, … Continue reading

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Metlab Receives Two Contracts to Heat Treat Tank Components

Metlab has received two contracts from defense contractors to heat treat tank components. The contract is part of an ongoing multi-year program supported in part by US funding. Metlab was selected for this program due to its unique heat treating … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Your Heat Treating Processes

One of Metlab’s customers in the South shut down their heat treat equipment for major repairs. The furnaces are expected be down for about four weeks. Their product is gears and pinions, ranging from ¼ pound to about 50 pounds … Continue reading

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Metlab Expands Into Maryland & Delaware With Large And Small Part Heat Treating Services

When customers think of Metlab, they think of large parts heat treating. But Metlab has a long history of heat treating small parts as well. With the acquisition of the John V. Potero Company  in 2001, moving it from Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Quality Control

Metlab has over 1,500 customers and heat treats a variety of parts and materials to different specifications. The specifications which are adhered to are either customer standards or processing requirements dictated by the SAE AMS (Society of Automotive Engineers/Aerospace Material … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz Visits Metlab

Mark Podob (left) and Jim Conybear (right) owners of Metlab, Philadelphia, PA, welcomed the Honorable Allyson Schwartz, Congresswoman to Metlab on Thursday, April 4, 2013. The Congresswoman, Representative for the 13th District in Pennsylvania, toured the heat treat plant looking … Continue reading

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Metlab Refurbishes Large Pit Furnaces Increasing Reliability and Uptime

In anticipation of receiving several large gears and bearing races for carburizing and nitriding, Metlab has completed the upgrade of both of its large pit furnaces. The upgrades enhance the company’s capability to process parts up to 14 feet in … Continue reading

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Nitriding Surface Treatment

Nitriding is a surface treatment process that can be applied to a variety of machine components. The process provides a very hard surface while maintaining a “tough” core and tight tolerances can still be achieved. This process is applied at … Continue reading

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