Black Oxide Treatment for Architectural products

Black oxide, or blackening or bluing, is a chemical conversion coating that provides corrosion resistance and a decorative black finish to metal surfaces. It is commonly used on architectural metal products to enhance their appearance and protect them from rust and corrosion.


Staircase railings treated with black oxide.

When considering black oxide treatment for metal surfaces, it’s essential to consider various technical factors to ensure the desired results. Metlab has extensive experience and capabilities to help create the best possible treatment process and can accommodate parts up to 40” long for black oxide treatment.

Consultation and Testing:

The best way to start your black oxide project is to consult with Metlab. The consultation will ensure that you can achieve consistent results for large architectural projects, especially where variability in color or finish can be undesirable. Tests on sample pieces can be performed to optimize the black oxide process to control the variability and consistency for your specific project.

Cost and Maintenance:

The experienced treatment specialists at Metlab will help you evaluate the cost of black oxide treatment and the long-term maintenance requirements. This process will help you consider whether it is cost-effective and practical for your project.


Examples of architectural products with black oxide treatment include door hardware, grates, lighting, and more.

Technical Considerations:

  • Metal Type and Composition:
    • The type of metal you’re treating will affect the black oxide process. Different metals may require specific solutions or pretreatment steps to achieve the desired finish.
  • Surface Preparation:
    • Proper surface preparation is critical. Metlab ensures the metal surface is thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants like rust, oils, and dirt.
  • Black Oxide Solution:
    • Metlab formulates the appropriate black oxide solution based on the metal type and desired finish.

Quality Control:

Metlab technicians regularly inspect the parts during the process to ensure they meet the desired color, quality, and thickness of the black oxide layer.

Balancing the technical considerations with your architectural metal project’s specific requirements and aesthetic goals is crucial. Seek guidance from Metlab, which is experienced in metal finishing and black oxide treatment, to ensure the best results for your unique application.

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