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Age-hardening an Aluminum Underwater Buoy Frame

TrimMaster is a full-service contract manufacturer that has been in business in Reading, PA since 1938. Their roots starting in the manufacture of thread trimming equipment for the sewn product industry, and they have branched out to serve a variety … Continue reading

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Heat Treating For Machine Shops

Providing heat treating services to machine shops is a core business feature of Metlab Heat Treating. The company has been working with hundreds of shops, both large and small, for many years. Types of heat treating services that are typically … Continue reading

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Penn Electric Racing: Heat Treating the Drive Train Spindle

This past spring, Metlab assisted Penn Electric Racing by heat treating one of their critical drive train components. Penn Electric Racing is part of a colligate international competition; similar to an Indy stock car race where the teams must design … Continue reading

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Heat Treating Small Parts

Metlab Heat Treating is able to process a wide variety of parts in small sizes. The company is well known for large part heat treating; however the company maintains a long history of small parts applications. Watch the Small Parts … Continue reading

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Metlab Donates Ammonia Gas Meter To Fire Department

Metlab was pleased to host the Wyndmoor, PA Fire Department at it’s factory today and present them with a meter for measuring ammonia gas in the atmosphere, as well as a cash donation. Metlab uses ammonia in one of our … Continue reading

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Nitriding Large Gears for Destroyers

Recently, Philadelphia Gear, A Brand of Timken Gears & Services Incorporated ¬†was awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Defense for the supply of main reduction gears for the new Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyers. Philadelphia Gear has … Continue reading

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Supplying Machine Ways

Metlab has shipped Machine Ways used to guide the track wheels of a precision industrial aluminum machine used for cutting wing segments and fuselage frames for commercial and military aircraft. Metlab chose A-2 tool steel as a replacement for the … Continue reading

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Metlab Featured in News: “Don’t cut gov’t too deep”

Factory boss warns Congress: Don’t cut gov’t too deep “I’m worried that the current over-emphasis on the deficit reduction, about which we were all concerned, could result in a fall back to recession,” if Congress cuts too much, says James … Continue reading

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Heat Treating Camshafts

Recently, Metlab was awarded a contract to heat treat camshafts. The manufacturer of the camshafts target market is NASCAR racing engines, as well as specialty aircraft, marine engine and industrial engines. They also make camshafts to order, and Metlab has … Continue reading

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Black Oxide

Black Oxide is a chemical treatment that is applied to steel parts to create an attractive appearance and provide corrosion resistance. There are many applications throughout the metal working industries that use the process. These range from fire arms to … Continue reading

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