Heat Treating Parts For Rowan University’s Motorsports Car

Metlab Heat Treating continues to encourage and support educational institutions with the development of new motorsport vehicles. Rowan University, located in Glassboro, NJ, has a team of engineering students who design, build, and race these cars each year. Metlab provides free heat treating consulting and services to support the program.
Brian Deady, Sponsorship Chair for Rowan SAE, explains, “We have two new cars in production in which Metlab will be featured, one is nearing completion, and the other is still in the design phase. We’ve been representing the Metlab brand at all meetings and events throughout 2022 and will continue in 2023. We are looking forward to a big event in Canada that will give the Metlab brand exposure in a completely different country.”

Current Car LineupThe current lineup of cars in front of Rowan University’s engineering building.
Corona at Comp

Our first four-wheel drive “Corona Car” at its competition in
Rochester, NY, in June 2022.

FullAssem-TrueColor-FrontQuarter1-5kA rendering of the currently resigned car that will be built during the spring semester.

This semester, the team developing a new car will have gears that require hardening and a new welded frame that needs stress relieving, both to be done at no charge by Metlab.

Full team
The entire Rowan Motorsports team is posing with the new four-wheel drive car.

“I just want to thank Metlab for all you have done to help Rowan Motorsports, and we look forward to continuing this partnership.” Brian Deady
Metlab company owner and president Mark Podob states, “There are two things that I am incredibly proud of as the owner of Metlab. The first is the support of Rowan University by providing not only in the form of technical advice on how to heat treat your gears, pinion shafts, and structures but also the treatment of these parts at no charge as we give back to the educational community with our services. Metlab is committed to assisting with your programs at no cost to ensure you stay competitive. The second is the shirts you provided with the Metlab logo on the back that shows we participate in the program. We wear these shirts with pride.”

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