Heat Treating Small Parts

Metlab Heat Treating is able to process a wide variety of parts in small sizes. The company is well known for large part heat treating; however the company maintains a long history of small parts applications.

Watch the Small Parts Video to see more examples and capabilities:

Here are some Small Part examples along with the treatment process:

Low Carbon Steel Pins – Case Hardened

8620 Steel Bushings for Carburizing

420 Stainless Steel Bolts for Vacuum Heat Treating

Stainless Steel T’s, Solution Treat and Age Harden

Stainless Steel Fittings

Steel Files: Heat Treated and Black Oxide Finished

Automatic Timer Small Gears: Hardened & Tempered

4340 Clutch Hubs: Heat Treated & Black Oxide

Grey Cast Iron Slips: Induction Hardened to HRC 50

Crane Wheels: Flame Hardened To Toughen Rims


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