Metlab Employee Wins 40 Under 40 Award

Metlab prides itself on hiring and developing great employees. Metlab’s Facility Manager, Shane Parrish, was chosen as one of Heat Treat Today’s “40 Under 40” industry employees and was awarded the Heat Treat Industry Young Leader Certificate.

Shane Cover

Shane Parrish, Facility Manager for Metlab, won the
Heat Treat Today’s 40 Under 40 Young Leader award.

Shane is an invaluable asset to Metlab. While attending engineering classes at night, he runs the maintenance operations in the plant, provides equipment modification ideas, and is a hands-on asset in keeping the plant running. He is an expert welder with creativity and skills and makes sure that the furnaces are safe and functional.
Shane has also demonstrated significant leadership by taking a lead role in plant safety by coordinating the safety committee and ensuring compliance with OSHA safe working practices. Shane’s knowledge of heat treating has grown significantly during his tenure with Metlab.

In high school, Shane developed a passion for designing equipment and projects on the computer using AutoDesk Inventor. Recently, Shane persuaded his company to invest in the program so that he could start designing upgrade projects for the facilities. Metlab also has many custom and old equipment, and their mechanical drawings are either out of date or unreadable. “With their investment in the program, I am reverse engineering the equipment here so that we have readable and usable mechanical drawings of the furnaces and equipment,” completing this work as an additional project to his in-house hours, he says.
Shane Parrish – Heat Treat Today 40 Under 40 award:
Heat Treat Today’s Complete 40 Under 40 list:

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