Black Oxide

Black Oxide is a chemical treatment that is applied to steel parts to create an attractive appearance and provide corrosion resistance. There are many applications throughout the metal working industries that use the process. These range from fire arms to fasteners, machine components, automotive parts, store fixtures and more.

The black oxide process is relatively inexpensive and does not affect part dimensions. There are some alternative processes such as painting, steam treating or powder spray coating. However black oxide is used when the specification calls for the part to have a dark appearance or when reflectivity is not an issue.

To achieve the black oxide finish the parts are cleaned, activated using an acid dip, then blackened in a special chemical bath, followed by an application of a thin protective wax or oil coating. The entire process takes a less than an hour.

Metlab has the capability to blacken parts in weights that range from only a few grams up to 1,000 lbs. The sizes can be as small as ¼ inch and up to seven feet long. Examples include:

Retail: Store displays and fixtures
Automotive: Cans for oil filters
Electrical: wire strippers and cutters
Home / Garden: Tree toppers – jaws and clipping tools
Small gears: very tiny timers and electrical switches
Antique automobiles – fasteners for factory specs

A finished electrical tool part using black oxide treatment.

For most applications the turnaround time is usually completed in a week or less with the average being about three business days. Metlab can also accommodate specific packaging requirements such as individually wrapping parts.

Mark Podob
Vice President – Metlab

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