Metlab Hires New Quality Control Manager

Metlab continues to build a successful business by providing quality heat treating and surface finishing services for its customers. To continue this legacy, Metlab has recently hired Daniel Lewis as the Quality Manager for the company.

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis – Metlab’s Quality Manager

Mr. Lewis oversees a wide range of processes and procedures, including production planning and material management. The focus of his position is to be continually reviewing and updating the company’s quality procedures. “Quality is embedded in all of Metlab’s procedures and policies.” Lewis states. “Continual monitoring and improvement ensure efficient processes and consistently meeting our customer’s specifications. The work performed by the Quality Department is a critical element in the value of our services, but the most important thing is that we work with production management to ensure work consistently moves out the door.”

Mr. Lewis is very familiar with all the heat-treating processes with a recent BA of in Materials Science & Engineering from Drexel, and on-the-job experience as a Metallurgical Engineer and Plant Metallurgist.

To leverage the entire range of his expertise, Mr. Lewis is also involved with metallurgical consulting to help with customer investigations by providing solutions and establishing preventative measures and processes.

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